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Board of Directors

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Main Members

  • President: Sergio Mejias

  • Vice President: Claudia Estrada

  • Adviser:  Lope mendoza

  • Director:  Juan Duque

  • Director: Jorge Botti

Alternate Members

  • Director:  Manuel Acedo 

  • Director:  Luis Leon

  • Director: Eduardo Mendoza

  • Director:  Alejandro Mirabal


  • First Principal: José Reyes - CPC N ° 1170

  • Alternate:  Aurelio Rodríguez - CLA Nº 40.691

  • Second Principal: Carlos Pérez - CPC Nº 11,782

  • Alternate: Soraida Lugo - CPC Nº 14,365

Management Committee

  • Country Director: Armando Prado

  • Finance Director: Gespah Chiquito

  • Human Management Director: Oscar Quintero 

  • Operations Director: Francis Díaz 

  • National Sales Manager: René Tineo 

  • RAD and Chemical Business Sr. Manager: Marta Cañizales

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Board of Directors
Venezuelan CA of Paintings 

  • President:  Armando Prado

  • Vice president:  Oscar Quintero

  • Director:  Gespah Chiquito

Board of Directors
Integrated Chemical CA INTEQUIM

  • President: Armando Prado

  • Vice President: Marta Cañizales

  • Director: Oscar Quintero

Intequim (1).png

Board of Directors
Paints International CA

Logo PICA-Stroke.png
  • President:  Armando Prado

  • Vice president:  Marta Canizales

  • Director:  Oscar Quintero

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